Lobster T-Shirt. Women’s Long Sleeve Performance UPF 40 Rating

Sku: Lobster Shirt, Women's Performance, Long Sleeve, UPF 40-1-1

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This Lobster T-Shirt, This is a Women’s Long Sleeve V-Neck, Form Fitted, UPF 40 Sun Protection Performance Shirt.

This shirt design is printed onto flat material which makes this a custom Cut and Sewn Performance Shirt. This is not a premade shirt, each shirt is handmade! The material has a UPF 40 Sun Protection Rating UPF “Ultraviolet Protection Factor”. The shirt Material is an Interlocking Fabric is an Anti-snag, Close-knit, Moisture Wicking and Odor Resistant fabric.

The design is in the fabric, it won’t fade or wash out. Coupled with high-quality dye sublimation printing process of the Lobster this Design is named “Lookn-4-Tail” which is shirt is manufactured by a local Florida Company which GRG is now private labeled with. So this makes this a truly Made in the USA Performance Shirt.


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