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Mahi T-Shirt, Men’s Hoodie, Long Sleeve Performance UPF 40

$48.99 $25.99

This is a Raglan Cut Hybrid Hoodie Long Sleeve Performance Shirt.

This Mahi T-Shirt design is printed onto flat material which makes this a custom Cut and Sewn Performance Shirt. UPF 40 “Ultraviolet Protection Factor” Rating of 40.

Both Materials the Interlocking Fabric is an Anti-snag, close-knit, interlocking and Mesh Material which has a Cotton Feel both Materials are Moisture Wicking and Odor Resistant fabric.

SKU: Mahi Raglan Hybrid Hoodie Long Sleeve Performance Shirt-1
Category: Best Sellers, Hybrid Raglan Cut Performance Hoodie, Long Sleeve, Men's Collection
Tags: Long Sleeve, Mahi, Performance, Raglan Hybrid Hoodie

Mahi Shirt, Men’s Hoodie, Performance Long Sleeve, Raglan Cut.
Mahi T-Shirt, Long Sleeve Performance Hoodie. This new Mahi Design is printed into the material using a high-quality dye sublimation printing process and is also manufactured by a local Florida Company which GRG Performance is now private labeled with. The design is in the fabric, it won’t fade or wash out.

We took a lot of time and effort to design this New Performance Raglan Hoodie Hybrid Shirt the Hybrid Raglan Performance UPF 40 Sun Protection Shirt is made with two different materials for Superior Looks and Feel. The Front and Back of the shirt is a smooth Interlocking Material, Sleeves are made from a Highly Breathable Mesh Material we are very proud of the Design, one of our best yet!

This Raglan Hoodie Performance Hybrid Shirt is nothing like you have seen before this is truly one of a kind must have custom shirts from GRG Performance.




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