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Hogfish T-Shirt, Cotton Tank Top “Wild Hog”

$18.99 $9.99

Hogfish Tank Top “Wild Hog”. This Hogfish print is on a cotton blend pre-shrunk highly durable Tank Top.

SKU: Hogfish Wild Hog Tank Top
Category: Cotton Shirts, Tank Tops
Tags: Hogfish Tank Top, Tank-Top

Cotton Tank Top, Pre-Shrunk Tank Top, Design Hogfish.

Hogfish Tank Top Design; “Wild Hog”. This Hogfish print is screen printed on a cotton blend pre-shrunk highly durable Tank Top Colors Navy & Graphite. We only use high-quality tank tops for the screen printing process. The Hogfish design”Wild Hog” is a stand out tank top. We only use a local high-quality screen printer to produce the screen print and the original hand-painted Hogfish by the Got Rum Gear Artist Laura Rabinette. At Got Rum Gear we use only local Florida Companies to produce our high quality of screen printing on our shirts, we take pride in producing our line in the U.S.A.

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