GRG started out producing a line of shirts using hand painted artwork and hand drawn artwork. GRG has grown after 3 years with Handmade Performance Shirts, Unique Beach Towels, Drink Tumblers, Caps & Hats and Decals all for the whole Family to enjoy. Got Rum Gear also known as GRG is an individually owned and funded Company. GRG only uses local artists for the designs and artwork. All Companies that Produce or Manufacture are in the local from the state of Florida or in other US States.



Got Rum Gear was founded in early 2014 by Wade Morgan.
Wade came up with the Company named after his Boat “GOT RUM”.
I have always been active and enjoy the outdoors, Fishing, Hunting, Scuba Diving and Pleasure Boating. While wearing many other brands throughout the years I did like them but wanted something better or unique designs to personally wear and for other’s to enjoy.
So I decided to take chance without knowing much about the business. Got Rum Gear and GRG are both Trademarked and Registered through the US Government. GRG’s number one goal to Produce or Manufacture a high quality of the entire GRG line in the USA.
Wade Morgan
Owner and Founder of Got Rum Gear LLC



I always loved art class in high school. It was the only class I really looked forward to every day. I had one of the best teachers! She could make art fun. We were always drawing and sketching and experimenting with new ideas. She constantly pushed me to try to new things and always inspired me to do better. She saw things in me that I myself never dreamed I could achieve.

I did not start painting until 1998 when my daughter was born and my family and I returned to Florida from North Carolina. I began showing my artwork in local art shows. My favorite things to paint were strange and unique furniture pieces that I found. Looking at a piece of furniture, I could just picture a beautiful underwater scene. The real challenge was getting the picture in my head, onto the furniture.

As I began to paint more and more, people started to challenge me. They wanted me to paint things on their own furniture or even do murals for small rooms. My greatest accomplishment was a mural I painted for the city of Holmes Beach, Florida. I was hired to paint the walls of the Holmes Beach public works storage bunker to make the obtrusive wall more appealing. I painted a scene of Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Sting Rays, and Manatees all swimming among a coral reef. I also painted a beach-scene mural for the Moose Lodge and a butterfly garden scene for the Butterfly Club.

As my daughter started school, I decided that I needed to devote my time and energy to her. But now as she matures into a young woman, I have decided to get back to my passion – painting. My family and I have spent many years surrounded by Florida’s beauty, hiking and fishing and camping. I’m looking forward to seeing just how Florida will inspire me yet again.




Kinh Bui pronounced “Buoy” is another renowned artist for Got Rum Gear LLC. I brought aboard the GRG team in early 2016 Kinh is a local free lance full time artist, design, layout, graphics and film seps for screen printing. Check our store and search by Designer.


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